Tasked with a sub-department or an off-site office’s email, website, business applications to maintain?WIRED-MEDIA hosts a fleet of top-performing shared servers, serving customers ranging from MNCs, government agencies, educational institutions,

Our shared servers are micro-managed to ensure that each customer has the proper allocation of space within the shared server’s capacity.  As we understand that email and website have become one of the most important communication tools for your business, you can trust that we don’t over promise you with extravagant features which cannot be materialized or delivered, thus resulting in over-commitment of resources which leads to service interruptions.

WIRED-MEDIA Email Hosting Solutions

Have your very own unique and professional-looking email!


We provide you complete email solutions that are fully hosted with the flexibility to manage your organization’s email accounts.

Features *:

  • Allocation of only up to 80 domains per servers
  •  A generous Disk Space allocation of up to 2GB
  •  Access your email using universally accessible web-based mail application or email programs such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Web-based user administration
  • Unlimited POP3 /Webmail user accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail Aliases / Forwarding / Auto-responders
  • E-mail processing rules
  • 24 x 7 x 365  phone and email technical support
  • Flexibility of allocating the size of each email account.


  • Daily Backup


  • 24 x 7  x 365 network monitoring at 5 minutes intervals
  •  Anti-virus pattern updates
  •  Anti-spam pattern updates
  •  System security patches


WIRED-MEDIA Web hosting Solutions

Operating Systems – Windows / Centos


  • Allocation of only up to 80 domains per server
  • 2GB disk space
  • 1FTP account
  • CPanel administration available for Linux hosting packages


  • MS Access Database
  • MS SQL Server Database (Optional for Windows Hosting)
  • MySQL Database (Available for Linux Hosting)

Server Extensions

  • Frontpage extensions
  • ASP/ASP.NET Framework
  • PHP 5.6/7.0
  • Perl CGI


  • HTTP Real audio/video streaming
  • HTTP Windows media streaming


  • Firewall with Integrated Intrusion Protection


  • Daily


  • 24 x 7 x  365 network monitoring at 5 minutes intervals

*Specifications are based on Business hosting plan. Click here to learn more about our hosting plans.

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