Common Issues:

I need help to setup my email account.

I have issues sending mails out to my recipients / I encountered a “We do not relay” error message (SMTP Authentication)



1. Open Outlook for Mac.

2. Open the Accounts window by going to Tools > Accounts.

3. Then add a new account by clicking the bottom-left plus sign and choosing Other Email… .

4. Enter your email address in the E-mail address field and your password in the ‘Password field’.
Then, choose POP in the Type drop-down menu.

5. For Hostname and Port settings, please refer to the values indicated under the below table:

Webmail URLhttp://mail.domainname/mail eg eg
Incoming Mail Server Hostnamemail.domainname eg
POP3 Port110110 / 995 (SSL)
POP3 SSLNot AvailableAvailable
IMAP Port143143 / 993 (SSL)
IMAP SSLNot AvailableAvailable
Outgoing SMTP Server Hostnamemail.domainname eg eg
SMTP Port25 / 36625 / 366 / 465 (SSL)
SMTP SSLNot AvailableAvailable
Outgoing SMTP AuthenticationRequiredRequired
UsernameFull Email Address eg john@abc.comFull Email Address eg
Secure Password Authentication (SPA)Do Not CheckDo Not Check

Finally, click on Add Account.

6. Click on More Options.

7. SMTP Authentication for Outgoing mails:

Please be informed that your account requires separate authentication for the outgoing mail server, select ‘User Name and Password‘ and enter the full email address and password as indicated.

8. POP3 – Leave a copy of mail on the server

A POP connection can remove the email messages from the server after download. It is recommended to not leave a copy of message on server for many days in order to conserve webmail usage and space.
If you would like to leave copies on the server, click Advanced and check the Leave a copy of messages on server check box.
Click OK.

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