• Domain administrator / Email Administrator / Person-in-Charge is able to manage his/her domain mail accounts through the internet (such as creating new email accounts etc).
  • The webmail access site is http://mail.<your.domain.name>.
    (For example, if your domain is wmasia.net, your Webmail access address is http://mail.wmasia.net)
  • For administrator, the administrator must key in the administrator email address and password to login.
  • Once login in, you will be able to see a pull-down menu on the right hand side.
  • When you click on it, you will be able to see “User Administration”, “Alias Administration” and “Domain Processing Rules”
  • These 3 options allow you to manage all the email administration that you need to do.
  • Below given are the options and administration that you can manage for your domain’s email:

User Administration


What the administrator can do

Add Create a new email account for a user
Delete Delete an existing email account
Display Display the info of an existing email account:

– view the first name, last name
– view the email size quota set
– view the email maximum message count
– view the current incoming emails size
– view the total number of incoming mails
– view the user attributes
– view the status of the account

Change Password Change the email password of an existing email account
Modify User Account Modify the an existing email account:

– change the first name, last name
– change the email size quota
– change the email max message count
– Set if account access to be disabled
(If disabled, user will not be able to access his mail account)
– Set if web access to be allowed
(To allow or disallow Webmail access)
– Set if spell check is to be enabled
(To enable or disable spell check)
– Set if password is allowed for the user to change or not
(To allow or disallow the change of password)

Alias Administration


What the Administrator can do

1.) Add

2.) Display

3.) Modify

4.) Delete

Alias function allows email addressing to the different dept to be forwarded to the different user specified.

(e.g. for domain wmasia.net, if anyone sends an email to hr@wm-asia.net or sales@wm-asia.net, this email will be directed / forwarded to any users in the company specified that you want them to receive. Take note that in this case, there is no physical mail account created for the userid hr or sales. This alias only direct / forward mails to other email address specified when someone sends a mail to the above mentioned email)

Domain Processing Rules


What the administrator can do

1.) Edit Inbound Rules

2.) Edit Outbound Rules

This function allows incoming or outgoing mail to be directed to a specified mailbox or email address when the rule you specified is asserted. If nothing is entered in the textbox the filtered message will be placed in a mailbox named, “new”.(e.g. If user wants any incoming mail which has the word ‘price’ in the subject to be directed to other email address, they are able to do so.)