1. After creating your webpage, the next thing to do is to upload the files up to your domain Web Server

2. Open WS-FTP program

3. You will see a window appears as shown below

4. Type in the following settings :

  • Profile Name : any name you like
  • Host Name / Address : www.<yourdomainname>
    (e.g. for domain wmasia.net, the host name is www.wmasia.net)
    (OR please refer to the VSC email that is sent to you)
  • Host Type : Automatic detect
  • User ID : your domain FTP username
    (e.g. for domain wmasia.net, the administrator username is wmasianet)
  • Password : FTP password

5. Click on OK button to connect

6. You will a window with 2 split windows appears as shown below

7. From the right window , double click on www folder

8. From the left window , go to local folder that contains the web files that you create

9. From the left window , select the files and click on “–>” button to upload it

10. After you have uploaded the files , click on Close button to disconnect from the Web Server

11. You have successfully uploaded the files to your Web Server using WS-FTP

Take Note:
Your main page/starting page of your web site must be index.html or index.htm file