OverDue Payment Policy
Last Updated 31 Aug 2021
This is our general guidelines which sets out how Wired-Media manages overdue payments.
1. Billing Reminder – Sent at least seven (7) days before due date. If the Customer is having difficulties in facilitating payment or are disputing any fees payable on an invoice, they must notify us in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the relevant invoice.
2. Payment Due Reminder – Sent within seven (7) after due date. A Payment Due Reminder will be sent to the Customer if they had missed or have not made the full payment by the payment due date stated in their invoice. If payment is not received by the agreed payment term, a Final Reminder notice will be sent requesting full payment.
3. Final Reminder Notification – Sent fifteen (15) days after due date. If the overdue amount is not received after the Payment Due reminder, a final reminder notice may be sent. Do pay the full amount immediately to avoid any service disruption.

4. Service Suspension

In the event due payment is not received after the date indicated in the Final Reminder Notice, the Wired-Media will consider the Customer to have defaulted their Agreement for non-payment. All end-user services accessible by the Customer will be suspended due to non-payment.
Payment must be made in full of their outstanding monies and part payment of current invoice to re-enable end-user services. Payment must be made directly to Wired-Media prior to end-user services being enabled. Upon full payment, Wired-Media shall proceed to re-enable end-user services within the next 1-2 Business days.
Wired-Media reserves the final discretion to suspend and/or re-activate end-user services.